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About Me

When I was 20 and travelled as part of a team of surveyors to a remote area in the forests of Sierra Leone, I found myself witnessing healing ceremonies that defied the western logic I had been brought up to believe in but which were nevertheless effective and highly valued by the local people. It was my first experience of energy medicine and a real confirmation that there was another way to view reality.

Around 8 or 9 years later, I witnessed my young daughter who was running a very high temperature being made much worse by a mis-prescribed medicine given by an overworked locum doctor on Christmas Day. This led me to start investigating alternative treatments which would be effective but also harmless. As a result I started my training in Classical Homeopathy and over the years of practice I have witnessed startling outcomes. It could be argued that one positive result is a fluke but when there are many flukes and many positive outcomes, it becomes a pattern which is beyond the limits of coincidence. I have no hesitation in recommending homeopathic treatment for many acute and chronic problems.

Over my time working as a homeopath, I became aware that underneath many chronic conditions were unresolved and in many cases unknown mental, emotional and physical traumas that had been experienced and then suppressed and it became clear to me that the 'coping strategy' employed by the individual was often the root cause of the discomfort. I then studied Energy Healing as a way to access those traumas via the energy field as a way of bringing them into consciousness thus enabling them to be released.

Transformation Coaching grew out both of the above. I found that deep talking and listening and hearing what was being released from the unconscious via the sub-conscious, many times through a person's dreams was a truly effective way of bringing healing to old patterns, releasing stuck energy to enable the individual to more effectively be in alignment with their life's purpose. This works on all levels - I spent a lot of time time working in business and found that these techniques (maybe without the dreams) were extremely useful in helping teams to work cohesively and for individuals to feel valued and productive.

Along the way, I have studied and participated in shamanism, plant medicine ceremonies, auric energy exercises and meditation and have developed a familiarity with and respect for the way that energy works in our lives in support of our higher selves and our soul's purpose - if we let it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out if this is for me?
Please telephone me so that we can discuss whether what I offer is suitable for you. We can then have an initial session which is normally held at the Worcester House Holistic Centre in Petersfield. At the end of this initial session, we will agree on how to proceed in terms of duration and frequency. There is never any obligation to continue after the initial session.

How do I know which of the services you offer is best for me?
Everything I offer begins with an initial one hour consultation. It will then be very clear which modality is most suitable for you although for many clients the Homeopathy and Transformation Coaching do work well together. For other clients, it is clear that Energy Healing is required.

How much do the sessions cost?
I charge £60 for a Homeopathy and/or Transformation Coaching session which normally lasts one hour.
I charge £80 for an Energy Healing session which normally lasts 90 minutes

How regular are the sessions?
Regularity depends on the modality. It can be weekly, fortnightly or four weekly depending on the treatment and the client's needs.

I charge for sessions which are cancelled with less than 48 hours notice unless it is possible to arrange an alternative session within the same week.

You can use the contact form or email me on [email protected] or call/message me on 07554 887301

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