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Transformation Coaching. Transformation

Transformation Coaching

'Transformation or transmutation is part of an ancient alchemical tradition whose goal was the transformation of an ordinary person into an extraordinary human being, an everyday life into a life imbued with spiritual meaning, divine purpose and passion. Changing lead into gold refers to the possibility of a spiritual upgrade, to the miraculous capacity of human beings to evolve to more refined, elegant, potent and complete expressions of their own divine natures.'

In the modern world this may seem far-fetched and irrelevant but in fact we all aspire to 'upgrade' the level we are operating on - to find peace, happiness, contentment and balance.

The intent of Transformation Coaching is to connect with the authentic self and facilitate its full expression while identifying blocks and suppressed or painful experiences which affect our functioning and happiness and to evolve strategies to enable those dynamics to be made conscious so that they can be accepted and released allowing us to move towards fulfilling our potential.

Transformation Coaching. Tree

The approach involves making the unconscious become conscious using deep listening, authentic communication and dreamwork.

The focus is not on problems (although we work to release those that are identified) but on the potential of the individual.

“You can’t teach anybody anything, only make them realise the answers are already inside them.” – Galileo Galilei

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